Children of war

24 February 2022 - 27 January 2023
Children of war / Useful information

Useful information

If the child is deportedPDF, 850 Kb.If you know about war crimes committed by Russians against childrenPDF, 636 Kb.How to report a war crime. Information for teenagersPDF, 457 Kb.10 safety rules abroadPDF, 2.24 Mb.Security rules during wartimePDF, 994 Kb.Rules of behavior of the population in case of detection of a suspicious objectPDF, 3.36 Mb.Protection and self-help in emergency situationsPDF, 12 Mb.Booklet for people who met/discovered an unaccompanied childPDF, 623 Kb.How to act in case of discovery of a child? Instructions for doctorsPDF, 2.84 Mb.Tips on how to communicate with children during warPDF, 1.77 Mb.Video course «What you need to know to shelter a child in the family»YouTubeWhat to do if you found a child. Video guide for healthcare workers/doctors.YouTubeHow you need to act when detecting a child unaccompanied by adultsPDF, 2 МБHandbook of contacts of organizations and institutions which provide assistance under martial lawPDF, 4 МБConsular registration of children evacuated from Ukraine due to the warPDF, 9.4 МБMemo on the border crossing by children and persons accompanying them, in a state of emergency and martial lawPDF, 3.9 МБList of documents that are the basis for crossing the state border of Ukraine by male citizens of Ukraine of conscription age, who accompany children and other personsPDF, 34.9 МБHow to support a child when dad/mom is at warPDF, 3.4 МБI am looking for a shelter in the EU. What legal status do I need to apply for?PDF, 2.3 МБThe actions plan when one detects a child unaccompanied by adultsVideo, 41 mbWhat is the difference between adoption and provision of a temporary shelter. Guidance for foreigners willing to shelter children from Ukraine". I would like to provide a temporary shelter to a child in my family.PDF, 2 МБTemporary placement of a child left without parental care in a foster family or a family-type orphanage under martial lawPDF, 4 МБAssistance to Injured Children317 Kb