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24 February 2022 - 27 January 2023
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About the platform

"This portal was created as a tool for finding children, rescuing them and liberating them from places of forced displacement or deportation", - Darya Herasymchuk, Advisor - Commissioner of the President of Ukraine for Children’s Rights and Rehabilitation Darya Herasymchuk, coordinator of the "Children of War" portal.

This platform was created by the Ministry of Reintegration together with the National Information Bureau on behalf of the Office of the President of Ukraine.


"Children of War" is the only platform that provides up-to-date and consolidated information about children who suffered as a result of russia's war against Ukraine (killed, wounded, missing, deported), and those who were found and rescued. Quantitative indicators are updated daily by law enforcement agencies.


"Children of War" is a universal communication channel with law enforcement agencies: the National Police of Ukraine, the Office of the Prosecutor General, as well as with the National Information Bureau

Here you can report:
  • about a lost child;
  • about a crime committed against a child;
  • if you found a child unaccompanied by adults;
  • if you know about the fact of the child's deportation;
  • on the forced change of citizenship and documents of the child;
  • about other violations of children's rights during the war.

Register an appeal on the website for the fact of any violation of the rights and freedoms of the child - your requests will automatically be received and processed by the relevant departments.

Use this portal - and maybe you will save the child's life!
Information and analytical support is provided by the "Support to Ukraine’s Reforms for Governance" Project (SURGe), funded by the Government of Canada and implemented by Alinea International Ltd.